AvaTrade Review- Scam or Legitimate Forex Broker

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AvaTrade Review A Scam or Legit Forex Broker

AvaTrade is one of the leading, globally presented brokers with over 200,000 trusting clients worldwide.

A regulated on five continents forex broker provides customers with sophisticated trading solutions, regardless of user knowledge or experience, by bringing the possibility to enter the market trade through numerous, adaptable platforms, tools and options.
Ava is also a multi-national company with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, but operates regional offices.

These include entities in Paris, Dublin, Milan, Madrid, Tokyo, Beijing and Sydney, South Africa, Chile, Mongolia, Nigeria and newly established UAE brokerage.

What Type of Broker is AvaTrade?

AvaTrade is a broker that offers a range from Forex pairs CFD trading to Cryptocurrencies available to trade with no restrictions on short selling or scalping. Generally, AvaTrade is an STP and OTC broker that also uses high technology for order executions means quotes received from the interbank and connected to the market itself.


Within a few short years since its launch in 2006, AvaTrade has expanded enormously, while Ava global customers execute more than two million trades a month on over 250 instruments.
It’s not a wonder that Ava has earned numerous industry awards for over ten years of successful activity, in addition to comprehensive support programs launched by Ava. Apart from them, AvaTrade (previously known as Ava FX) was rewarded for its excellent service and the trading technology that confirm brokers’ reputable and robust position in the industry, which we will see why it is like that further in our AvaTrade Review.

Is AvaTrade safe or a scam

No, AvaTrade is no a scam. AvaTrade is considered a secure broker to trade. It is legit and regulated by various top financial authorities, including ASIC, and licensed by the Central Bank of Ireland. Thus, it is secure and low-risk to trade Forex and CFD with AvaTrade.

Is AvaTrade legit?

Yes, AvaTrade is a fully legit and regulated broker in each jurisdiction, as it holds necessary licenses and regulatory obligations apart from its primary establishment standards regulated by Ireland. This information you may check from the official AvaTrade website, as well as through the authority website. Also, you may find the links of the licenses provided in AvaTrade Review and definitely should always verify their actual state.

Is AvaTrade regulated, and by whom?

There are numerous entities Ava respectfully established apart from being regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. This also includes authorization from the world-famous regulatory bodies ASIC (Australia), FSP (South Africa), FSA (Japan), Abu Dhabi authority, ESMA in European Union, British Virgin Islands and more.
Therefore, AvaTrade is heavily regulated and obliges internationally recognized laws that keep brokers’ reliability at a certain level of trust and are considered safe brokers to trade with.
How are you protected? Security of the traders accounts with Investor Protection amount and Compensation Schemes in case the broker goes bankrupt, slightly different in each jurisdiction. The set of regulatory requirements enables protection to the clients. It includes – funds segregation, which means all client funds are held separately from the firm funds with international banks under encryption.
As well as fully audited trading procedures strictly checked by the authority daily and negative balance protection.


Leverage is a pretty known instrument, which increases the initial capital you are trading with and can be a handy tool to magnify your potential gains, but in case you use it smartly. However, always note that higher Leverage can work in reverse too.

Risk Level

Several factors define the risk level, and of course, Leverage dramatically increases your risk of losing money.
AvaTrade as a regulated broker complies with slightly different trading conditions or regulatory obligations according to the set of rules established by the particular authority. This means that European traders or clients registered with AvaTrade European entity will fall under ESMA regulation that recently limited Leverage.

* European traders Leverage is a maximum of 1:30
* International traders or Australian clients can still use Leverage until 1:400

Account types

AvaTrade offers a single Standard account; traders can specify a Corporate account or Swap-free Islamic Account, also a Demo account to test brokers’ environment. A professional trader with relevant experience and proof may be entitled to a Professional account with additional benefits.

Do all countries accept AvaTrade?There are numerous countries around the world, the resident of which may open an account with AvaTrade. However, some restrictions are applied, mainly due to regulation in a particular country and specified laws in the country or another. These restricted countries include the US, Iran, Israel and a few more, but generally, Ava accepts almost all countries.

Types of Accounts

AvaTrade does not diversify clients by account types but offers a single Standard account, just defining specified conditions for corporate or Islamic accounts. Also, you may open a Demo account at the beginning to test brokers’ environments.
Accounts Swap-free is available for traders following Muslim beliefs or those wishing to trade markets according to Sharia principles, an excellent option for world traders.

In addition, if you’re a professional trader with relevant experience and proof of that, you may be entitled to a Professional account where additional benefits are offered.
But first of all, you should proceed with the account opening, and these are the steps to do so.

A Step by Step guide on how to open an account

* Select and Click on AvaTrade Sign In page. You may also sign with an existing account on Facebook or Google.
* Enter the required personal data (Name, email, etc.)
* Verify your data. The broker may ask a residential proof, utility bill, etc.
* Complete the electronic quiz to confirm your selection of an account and your experience
* If applicable, request Islamic account opening
* Once your account is activated and proved, follow the money deposit. See further paragraphs in our AvaTrade Review on how to do it.
Trading InstrumentsSo what you can trade in AvaTrade? Markets presented at Ava offer you over 250 instruments ranging from FX pairs to Vanilla options, CFDs on Commodities, Stocks, Indices, ETFs, Bonds and Cryptocurrencies.

Does AvaTrade have Nasdaq?

So yes, AvaTrade has Nasdaq in its trading list as well. Eventually, Ava offers a truly outstanding range, so you will indeed find a suitable portfolio for yourself.
Both MT4 Platform and AvaTradeGO support cryptocurrency trade. AvaTrade CryptocurrenciesAvaTrade is offering to work on the pairs with Bitcoin trading, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, NEO, IOTA, Zcash, Qtum and more. It can be used with quite competitive spreads, no commission charges, Leverage up to 20:1 and the ability to start trading with as little as $100.


All trading transactions performed on AvaTrade platforms are subject to the trading charges consisting of Spreads and Overnight fees.

AvaTrade fees are consistent with the CFD spread as the main fee or commissions if applicable. In contrast, additional expenses like conversion fees define total costs while holding an account in different base currencies. And lastly, inactivity or non-trading fees.

How to use the AvaTrade Forex calculator

So to manage your risk or not let you be confused about charges while trading, you may also use the great tool AvaTrade provide, which is Forex Calculator that allows you to consider and see all costs, losses or profits. Here are the steps on how to use Calculator.

* Select instrument you trade
* Choose account currency
* Add leverage level
* Set either buy or sell position
* Lastly, choose the platform you’re using trading. Feel last. An inactivity fee is charged if you didn’t show any activity or open trades for three months. In this case, you will be charged 50$ per quarter. Moreover, the broker sets a fee for administration of 100$ in case you didn’t use the account for 12 consecutive months, so you better keep an eye over your account.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Accessing your funds’ fund your account with an initial deposit through a bank account with no complication is another core of options trading. And while choosing a broker, you should consider that point too, so AvaTrade also offers good options.

Deposit fees and Options

As a licensed broker that obliges to safety measures in various jurisdictions, Ava offers several convenient ways of depositing money into the account, these includes

* Credit and Debit Card,
* Wire Transfer
* Electronic Wallet payments similar to PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney and Neteller (available to all clients except EU & Australia residents)AvaTrade Minimum depositAvaTrade minimum deposit by Credit Cards or Debit Cards is $250, or $500 by Bank wire transfer. Yet you may need to deposit an even smaller amount, starting from 100$, depending on your trading entity.
AvaTrade Minimum deposit vs other brokers
AvaTradeMost Other BrokersMinimum Deposit$250 – $500

Why is it essential to compare base currencies with similar brokers?

In simple words, it means you avoid currency conversion fees and may transfer or withdraw money to your bank account, debit cards or credit cards, when applicable, with no extra charges. All in all, it makes your money management smooth process, which is indeed very useful.

AvaTrade Withdrawal

Avatrade review scam or legit

Avatrade review scam or legit

Withdrawal Options include most-used bank Transfers, Credit cards and some e-wallets. AvaTrade typically processes withdrawal requests within 1-2 business days and does not charge any withdrawal fee. Also, due to regulations and international transfer laws, it may take additional days to receive the payment. For instance, you may also check out and compare AvaTrade fees to BDSwiss.
Here are the steps to withdraw money from AvaTradeBy a simple following of instructions, you may access your account and submit a withdrawal. And of course, you may always count on a great help centre that remains at your assistance.

How do you withdraw money from your account?

* Login to your account. Select on Withdraw Funds’ at the menu tab
* Fill in the form and enter the desired withdrawal amount
* Choose the withdrawal method
* Complete the necessary form requirements
* Confirm withdrawal details and Submit

Trading Platforms



AvaTrade offers an extensive selection of platforms and tools. It is not an overstate that each client will find their suitable way.

So let us take a closer look at a range of AvaTrade platforms while all of them are available through Web, Desktop or Mobile Apps tailored to iOS or Android devices.
Scores & Availability of different platforms

Avatrade caters to every type or level, while each platform provides an option to trade manually or automatically on various financial instruments. Also, UK clients may request spread betting opportunities.

The Avatrade WebTrader as an innovative platform is an excellent option for beginning traders, as it features an intuitive interface and exceptional design that is simple to use or understand.
Languages available on the Web Trading platform is also essential to use the platform through your native language. Therefore, AvaTrade supports truly numerous languages so that you may select your best preferences. A

Look and Feel

AvaTrade platform, either web one or its additional software MT4 or MT5, features a detailed look and simple navigation. So whether you’re beginning or professional, you will be happy to see an intuitive design with powerful tools. Also, you may choose the most suitable software according to your need either from WebTrader, AvaTradeGo app, Mac Trading or AvaOption platform.

Which was developed by Ava and allows you to enjoy another level of Options trading or FX with calls and puts, use of embedded tools and overall easy trading experience.
Login and SecurityAccessing your account through MT4 or MT5, along with other Ava platforms, is a pretty simple process. If you log in through the Web version, you need to follow the security login steps.

In case you use AvaMetaTrader, you need to install the desktop program then click on File-> Login to Trading Account while typing your credits so then you’ll enjoy trading instantly.
Search FunctionsOne of the good features of the Ava platform is its search function, offering you easy navigation between the instruments or products you wish to trade. So by a simple search line, you will find the desired instrument through an advanced search between assets or options through symbols.

Order Types

AvaMetaTrader or other platforms allow you to set specialized order types to manage risks, or set, adjust and work profits or losses at any time. You may place either Trade Market or Pending order specifying Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing stop and select the desired type of executions.

Also, you may constantly modify your order through Order Modification Window. Eventually, it would be best to firmly stick to your strategy and consistently set risk management tools for your successful trading experience.

Also, note, AvaTrade does allow the holding of both Sells and Buy position, known as a hedging strategy.

Automated Trading

And last but not least, the AvaTrade Automated Trading capabilities are a handy and promising tool, especially for beginning traders. So Avar brought a variety of auto-trading software that enables copy or mirror the experienced strategy of successful traders.

AvaTrade offers a few platforms to access auto trading, which includes: DupliTrade is another successful social platform available for your opportunity, which is suited for MT4 floating spreads and automatically copies the trades.
You still may also use ZuluTrade – one of the most popular auto trading software, and MQL5 – designed for MT4 terminal and enhancing signals service to auto-trade.

Mobile Trading Platform

A mobile app that AvaTrade is proud of is AvaTradeGO, which is simple to use and offers a wide circle of tools at the same time. The App features a friendly dashboard with advanced tools and step-by-step guidance for trades opening, activity feedback and support.
The platform also allows management of multiple MT4 accounts or switch between demo, natural and variable spreads accounts.
ProsConsProprietary AppNo Face login customer friendly and easy to navigate price alerts with notifications right at your mobile ReportMany languages are supported.

Customer Service

So getting to AvaTrade customer support provides 24-hour live support through live chat, email, phone support in 15 languages. Eventually, AvaTrade offers some of the most outstanding quality support with fast and reliable answers and a huge range of free of charge lines worldwide.

In addition to its good quality trading offering among industry, all clients can enjoy stunning education resources as Ava states that inspiring and expanding horizons of traders is the central part of everyday trading life.

AvaTrade Demo Account

Also, you can choose a risk-free account at the first step with AvaTrade, known as a demo account, allowing you to practice strategies and test the offered systems. So whether you are a beginning trader or a professional one, there is the right tool in the AvaTrade box for your better practice.
Eventually, the education centre constantly develops and features Forex and CFDs trading information with Live Webinars, Technical Analysis, educational tools, and more. The proposal is a premium designed unique source with video tutorials divided by traders level, which is excellent.

Researchers at AvaTrade, you will find great research tools and materials, while you may use Autochartist when trading through MetaTrader. Other user-friendly tools include Calculator, fantastic and clear charting with built-in News Feed and other essential trading data for your better trading. Also, you may sign in for the most recent market analysis provided by the professional AvaTrade educational site Sharp Trader.

Methodology for Forex Broker Reviews

Our forex broker reviews are conducted with a comprehensive, transparent methodology designed to give traders the information they need to make informed decisions. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Platform and Technology: We evaluate the trading platform for ease of use, reliability, and the availability of essential tools and features that support effective trading strategies.
  2. Asset Range: We assess the variety of trading instruments, including currency pairs, commodities, and indices, to ensure traders have ample opportunities.
  3. Fees and Spreads: We examine the broker’s fee structure, including spreads, commissions, and hidden charges, to gauge the cost-effectiveness of trading with them.
  4. Regulation and Security: We verify the broker’s regulatory compliance and the measures they take to protect client funds and personal information, underscoring their trustworthiness.
  5. Customer Support: We test the support team’s responsiveness, availability, and expertise to ensure traders can get assistance when needed.
  6. Educational Resources: We explore the availability and quality of educational materials and resources to support traders at all experience levels.
  7. User Reviews and Community Feedback: We consider feedback from the trading community and existing users to provide a well-rounded view of the broker’s performance and reputation.

This systematic approach ensures our reviews are thorough, unbiased, and reliable, helping traders navigate the complex world of forex trading confidently.

Justine Glover

Justine Glover

About the Author
Justine Glover is a seasoned financial analyst and forex trader with over a decade of experience in the financial markets. Holding a Master’s in Finance from the University of Chicago, Justine has worked with several leading brokerage firms, developing trading strategies and economic models. Her insights have been featured in major financial publications, including Forbes and Bloomberg.
She is now living in Gstaad, Switzerland.

Disclaimer: Risks of Trading

In our review of Capitalix, we have examined several different characteristics, and it is easy to see why it has become one of the better trading platforms on the market. With low fees and trading costs, it’s also easy for beginners to get started.>

However, you should still consider the risks with this type of broker. When you use a trading platform where you trade CFDs, there is always a risk of losing money, but the risk will be higher if you start using leverage.

Therefore, limit your trading to smaller lots and don’t go in with more capital than you can afford to lose. It’s also important not to overdo it with leverage, even though it sometimes feels tempting. The risk is that you always lose more than necessary.


Regulation 7.2
trustworthy 7.1
Customer Support 6.7
Online reputation 6.8
Trading Conditions 7.5
would i Trade with them ? 7.1
AvaTrade Review highly regulated brokerage

Overall, AvaTrade Review shows a broker with an expanded trading strategy and a particular way of dealing with the market and clients that gained a reliable and respected reputation. The broker offers competitive costs and excellent education material suitable for traders of different levels. Ava flexibility in terms of platforms, currency pairs and several provided solutions is another key advantage to their positive side. AvaTrade Pros and ConsAvaTrade is a heavily regulated Broker with an excellent reputation. The account opening is accessible. There is a fantastic range of trading tools, user-friendly software, and many ways to deposit and withdraw funds. We also like AvaTrade high-tech access to an expanded instrument range and multiple platforms either for manual, algorithmic or social trading.

  • highly regulated
  • Long History
  • proprietary Platform
  • no limitation on strategies
  • Copy Trading
  • limited Forex Assets
  • no 7/24 support
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