How to recover extorted money? 6 SIMPLE STEPS

How do you recover extorted money?

We first need to collect all possible evidence to recover money from a fraudulent company.

We have demanded our money back from the company, but they have not responded or ignored our withdrawal request.



What steps should you take to recover money lost to fraud?

We recommend utilizing the service to recoup funds you have lost to a broker (or investment firm) in fraud. Professionals will assist, expedite the procedure, and accompany you during interactions with your financial institution or entity facilitating the money transfer.

It is possible to attempt capital recovery on your own, but you will likely be unsuccessful; therefore, we advise you to enlist the assistance of professionals in this field.

An additional noteworthy aspect pertains to the differentiation among regulatory systems. While specific systems are commendable (as exemplified by Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Poland, the Netherlands, Australia, and Switzerland), others are unfavorable (as observed in tax haven nations such as Seychelles, Mauritius, Romania, Estonia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, British Virgin Islands, and Vanuatu).

The recovery procedure will be facilitated if the broker conducts business by the law. These brokers protect their clients by adhering to a few regulations and guidelines. Additionally, acquiring information about the parent company of the investment firm will be facilitated.


Collecting all the evidence that we have been duped, filing a complaint with the bank or card issuer, and identifying the payment system or other method by which we transferred the funds (typically a credit card, debit card, or bank card) comprise the procedure.

Your funds will remain frozen until the bank determines their disposition, contingent upon the evidence we furnish. The restitution of the funds is contingent upon our ability to substantiate the deception. We cannot recover the funds if the bank cannot verify the fraud.


How to get your money back from an unregulated broker

Methods for Reclaiming Funds from an Unregulated Broker

Unregulated brokers, alternatively referred to as financial bars or unregulated brokers, are corporations that operate without being bound by legal oversight, as their name implies. Furthermore, they lack the authority to administer or retrieve your funds.

To put it simply – if you ask a broker or a fraudulent company for your money back, you will be ignored, but then contact the bank or institution that issued your credit card and explain that you sent the broker money and were scammed, so you want them to refund it to you, and you are a victim of fraud.
If you do everything correctly, the money will be frozen or blocked until the bank or card issuer decides what to do. To successfully obtain a refund, you must prove you have been defrauded.



How does the Global Recovery Alliance process work?


Working together with our teams of professionals, we will provide you the insight to better understand what is important and how to reach a favorable outcome. Regardless of the circumstances, we will provide an solution with a better-than- expected outcome for you.


Our team receives messages daily from clients of investment firms and brokerages who have lost money due to deceit, manipulation, and fraud.

We are deeply concerned as we read hundreds of daily messages from broker clients in dire circumstances. Constantly planning ways to assist our website visitors is on our minds.






For this reason, we have compiled over 5,000 broker-related opinions from around the globe.

Additionally, we delineated the optimal method for obtaining a refund from the broker. We understand how discouraging and taxing it can be; therefore, we always advise that you conduct your research, take your time, and carefully consider an investment before making it. Moreover, invest only the capital you are willing to lose. This is because most traders lose money in the investing world.

Those with substantial experience are the only ones capable of profiting from such investments.

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