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Trading Conditions 8.8
Invxo Trading experience 8.3
Invxo Trading Tools 8.4
Invxo Safety and secure 6.7
Invxo Customer support 7.9
Invxo Fees and commissions 8.5
Invxo Broker Review 2024 Forex Broker

Invxo stands out as a forex and CFD broker that caters to a variety of traders with its advanced WebTrader platform, known for its intuitive design and ease of use. The platform supports a wide array of tradable assets, including forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies, allowing traders to diversify their investment strategies. Invxo is recognized for offering competitive spreads that can enhance trading profitability, along with a comprehensive suite of educational resources that cater to both novice and experienced traders. These resources are designed to help traders refine their strategies and improve market knowledge.The broker also provides a high level of customer support, available 24/5, with multiple channels including live chat, email, and phone support, ensuring traders can receive timely assistance when needed. Despite its many advantages, Invxo's lack of regulatory oversight might raise concerns for some traders who prioritize security and accountability in their trading operations. While Invxo compensates for this with stringent security protocols such as advanced encryption and continuous monitoring systems, the absence of formal regulation could be a significant drawback for risk-averse investors.Additionally, while Invxo offers a range of account types from starter to VIP levels, the options may not fully meet the needs of all traders, especially those looking for ECN or DMA accounts. Limited promotional offers might also deter traders looking for initial trading incentives. Overall, Invxo's platform is well-equipped with trading tools and features that can satisfy many traders, but its suitability depends largely on individual trading needs and risk tolerance.

  • User-friendly platforms
  • Diverse asset selection
  • Competitive spreads
  • Global accessibility
  • Responsive customer support
  • Comprehensive educational resources
  • Multi-asset trading support
  • Robust security measures
  • Advanced trading tools
  • Not regulated
  • Limited promotional offers
  • Limited account types
  • Potential risk of volatility
  • Restricted operational transparency
  • Limited 24/5 customer support, not 24/7

INVXO Broker Review 2024

Explore trading opportunities with INVXO, a broker designed to enhance your trading experience with cutting-edge technology and a wide range of financial instruments. Focused on delivering exceptional support and competitive trading conditions, INVXO caters to traders looking for a reliable and efficient platform.

Our evaluation of INVXO delves into the platform’s user experience, available tools, and support services. This review intends to give potential users the insights needed to determine if INVXO is the right choice for their trading endeavours.

This review delves into INVXO’s capabilities, focusing on its tools, customer service, and market access. It is designed to give traders a comprehensive understanding of the platform’s offerings and how they compare to industry standards.

INVXO positions itself as a resource for diverse trading strategies, offering robust tools for forex, crypto, and equity markets tailored to enhance users’ trading experiences.

Security and Regulation

Security is a paramount concern for any online trader. INVXO addresses these concerns by implementing advanced security measures, including state-of-the-art encryption protocols to safeguard user data and transactions. Although INVXO operates without formal regulatory oversight from financial authorities, the platform maintains a high standard of ethical conduct and adheres to best practices within the industry.

INVXO’s approach to security also includes regular audits and compliance checks to ensure that the platform’s security measures remain at the forefront of technological advancements. Additionally, INVXO requires all users to complete a comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) process to enhance the platform’s security and protect against potential fraud.

Regulation Warnings and Counterarguments for INVXO

Regulation Warnings:

Investing with a non-regulated broker like INVXO comes with certain risks that potential clients should be aware of:

  1. Lack of Oversight: Without regulatory oversight, there is no assurance that the broker adheres to the stringent standards set by financial authorities. This can raise concerns about the security of clients’ funds and the broker’s operational integrity.
  2. Investor Protection: Regulatory bodies often provide compensation schemes and dispute resolution services that protect investors’ financial interests. Without such regulation, clients might find fewer recourses should the broker face financial difficulties.
  3. Market Integrity: Regulation ensures transparency and fairness in trading practices. Unregulated brokers might not be bound to uphold these principles to the same extent, potentially exposing traders to unfair practices.


Despite these concerns, trading with INVXO can still offer significant opportunities, provided that traders understand and are willing to accept the potential risks:

  1. Transparency and Ethics: INVXO commits to high ethical standards and transparency in its operations, providing detailed information about its trading practices and risks. This approach helps build trust and reassures clients of the broker’s commitment to fair trading.
  2. Enhanced Security Measures: INVXO invests in advanced security protocols, including SSL encryption and two-factor authentication, to protect client data and financial transactions. Regular security audits help ensure the platform remains secure against potential cyber threats.
  3. Commitment to Education: INVXO strongly emphasizes trader education and risk management. The broker empowers its clients to make informed decisions and effectively manage trading risks by providing extensive educational resources and tools.

Trading Account Options

INVXO offers a variety of trading account options designed to cater to traders at different levels of experience:

  • Starter Account: Ideal for beginners, this account requires a minimal deposit and provides users access to basic trading tools and educational resources. It’s a great option for those new to forex trading, providing a risk-averse entry point into the market.
  • Advanced Account: This type targets more experienced traders and offers access to more sophisticated tools and higher leverage options. It’s suited for traders comfortable with a higher risk/reward ratio and seeking to expand their trading strategies.
  • Expert Account: Designed for veteran traders, this account features the lowest spreads, comprehensive analytical tools, and priority customer support. It requires a significant deposit, reflecting its status as a premium offering.
  • VIP Account: By invitation only, this account provides bespoke services, including access to expert consultations and tailored market insights. It is meant for high-net-worth individuals who require a personalized trading experience.
Professional Trading Platform

Professional Trading Platform

WebTrader Platform

INVXO’s WebTrader platform is engineered for ease of use without sacrificing powerful functionality. It supports trading in multiple asset classes, including forex, commodities, and indices. The platform features an intuitive interface that allows even novice traders to navigate and execute trades efficiently.

Key features of the WebTrader platform include:

  • Real-Time Market Data: Traders can access up-to-the-minute market data, which is crucial for making informed trading decisions.
  • Advanced Charting Tools: The platform offers a range of charting tools and technical indicators that help traders analyze market trends and price movements.
  • Social Trading Integration: INVXO encourages a collaborative trading experience by integrating features that allow users to follow and copy the trades of more experienced traders.

Fees, Commissions, and Financial Transactions

Understanding the cost of trading is critical for every trader. INVXO prides itself on transparency regarding its fee structure:

  • Spreads and Commissions: INVXO offers competitive spreads and low commission rates, which are clearly outlined on the platform. This approach ensures traders know exactly the costs, without any hidden fees.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Processes: INVXO supports a variety of payment methods, including bank transfers, credit cards, and e-wallets. The platform processes deposits instantly in most cases, while withdrawals are handled efficiently to ensure quick access to funds.
how to register with INVXO

how to register with INVXO

Customer Support

Recognizing the importance of timely and effective support, INVXO offers customer assistance 24/5. Traders can reach the support team via multiple channels:


Telephone +44 0203 05846331
Address City Approach, 560 City Rd, London
  • Phone Support: Available during trading hours to respond immediately to urgent inquiries.
  • Email Support: For detailed queries that may require thorough explanations or documentation.

For self-help options, INVXO also maintains a comprehensive FAQ section on its website, addressing common questions and providing detailed information on various aspects of the platform.

Comparison with Other Brokers

Compared to competitors like Deriv and FXOpen, INVXO stands out for its user-friendly approach and commitment to educational resources. While it may not offer as wide a range of assets as some larger brokers, its tailored account options provide significant flexibility for traders at all levels. Additionally, INVXO’s commitment to transparent pricing and robust customer support positions it favourably against its peers.

Global Presence
RegulationNot regulatedRegulated by multiple authorities (FSCA, Labuan FSA, FSC, CySEC)Regulated by MFSA
Number of Assets350+100+1000+
Low Spreads
Multi-Language Support
Trading PlatformsWeb Trader, Mobile App (iOS, Android)Web Trader, Mobile App (iOS, Android), MetaTrader 5Web Trader, Mobile App (iOS, Android), MetaTrader 4
Account TypesStandard, Pro, VIPDemo and Real accounts, Deriv account, Deriv MT5Nano.MT4, Standard.MT4
Minimum DepositStarts from $500Starts from $5From $1
Customer Support24/524/724/7
Trading InstrumentsForex, Commodities, Metals, Stocks, Indices, CryptoForex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, CryptoForex, Commodities, Metals, Stocks, Indices, Crypto

Explanation and Findings:

  • Global Presence: All three brokers offer services globally, allowing traders from various parts of the world to access their platforms.
  • Regulation: INVXO is not regulated, which may raise concerns about security and fund protection for some traders. In contrast, both Deriv and FXOpen are regulated, potentially offering higher investor protection and compliance with financial standards.
  • Number of Assets: While INVXO and Deriv offer a similar range of assets, FXOpen stands out with over 1000 trading instruments, making it suitable for traders looking for vast markets.
  • Low Spreads: INVXO and Deriv are noted for their competitive spreads, which can help reduce trading costs. FXOpen does not offer low spreads, which may result in higher trading costs than the other two brokers.
  • Multi-Language Support: All brokers support multiple languages, accommodating a diverse global user base.
  • Trading Platforms: INVXO and Deriv offer modern, easy-to-use platforms suitable for traders of all levels, including mobile options. FXOpen provides access to the popular MetaTrader 4 platform, known for its robustness and advanced features.
  • Account Types: INVXO offers simplified account options that cater to different trader expertise levels. Deriv and FXOpen provide more variety in account types, which can be advantageous for meeting specific trader needs.
  • Minimum Deposit: INVXO has a relatively low entry barrier, making it accessible for beginners. Deriv’s minimum deposit is even lower, whereas FXOpen’s minimum requirement is minimal, catering to a broad audience.
  • Customer Support: INVXO offers support 24/5, aligning with the trading week, whereas Deriv and FXOpen offer 24/7 support, which could be beneficial for traders who need assistance during weekends or non-trading hours.

Alternatives TO INVXO

For traders who prioritize stringent regulatory oversight or are specifically interested in ECN (Electronic Communication Network) trading, INVXO may not meet all their requirements, as it is not regulated and does not specify offering ECN accounts. Traders looking for these specific features might consider alternative brokers who are known for robust regulation and specialized trading accounts. Here are two reputable options:

  • Interactive Brokers

    • Regulation: Interactive Brokers is widely recognized for its strong regulatory compliance. It is regulated by several authorities worldwide, including the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK.
    • Trading Accounts: Offers access to ECN trading, which is ideal for traders looking for direct market access and anonymity, which is crucial for full-time traders and those employing high-frequency trading strategies.
    • Features: Interactive Brokers is known for its vast range of tradable securities, including stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds, and funds from a single integrated account. It is suitable for sophisticated traders requiring a comprehensive platform with advanced trading tools.
  • Admiral Markets

    • Regulation: Admiral Markets is another well-regulated broker, authorized and regulated by reputable entities such as the FCA in the UK and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).
    • Trading Accounts: Provides ECN-like trading conditions through its Zero MT4 and MT5 accounts, offering low spreads starting from 0 pips and a commission-based structure that can be more cost-effective for high-volume traders.
    • Features: It offers a robust trading platform equipped with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, along with advanced trading tools, educational resources, and market analysis. This makes it suitable for traders at all levels who require extensive resources and a reliable trading environment.

Summary of INVXO Broker Review

INVXO presents itself as a compelling choice for forex and CFD traders, offering a straightforward platform for novice and intermediate traders. The broker’s emphasis on user-friendly interfaces and educational resources makes it an attractive gateway into online trading. However, INVXO does not currently operate under any recognized regulatory body, which might concern those prioritising security and formal oversight.

The brokerage offers a range of account types to suit various levels of trader experience and investment capabilities, from basic starter accounts for newcomers to more advanced setups for seasoned traders seeking deeper market penetration and lower spreads. INVXO’s WebTrader platform ensures that users of all skill levels can trade comfortably with tools that support effective trading strategies and risk management.

In terms of fees, commissions, and financial transactions, INVXO maintains a transparent and competitive structure. Their pricing model is designed to be straightforward, minimizing unexpected costs such as high withdrawal fees or significant inactivity penalties. This approach helps traders manage their finances effectively without fear of hidden charges.

Customer support at INVXO is available 24/5, providing assistance through multiple channels, including a dedicated phone line, email, and a live chat system accessible directly from the trading platform. This ensures traders can receive help whenever the markets are open, enhancing the trading experience by resolving issues promptly.

Comparison with Other Brokers

Compared to other brokers in the industry, INVXO holds its ground with a strong offering of assets and an easy-to-use platform. However, it falls short in areas like regulatory oversight and the absence of ECN trading, which might deter traders looking for higher security and direct market access. Interactive Brokers and Admiral Markets are better alternatives for those specific needs, offering advanced features, regulatory security, and ECN account options.

Pros and Cons of INVXO


  • User-friendly platforms are suitable for beginners and intermediate traders.
  • A diverse range of educational resources to aid trading skills development.
  • Transparent fee structure with competitive spreads and no hidden costs.
  • Global accessibility allows traders from various regions to access the markets.


  • Lack of regulatory oversight, which may concern risk-averse traders.
  • Limited account types when compared to brokers that offer specialized ECN accounts.
  • Less suitable for advanced traders looking for features like algorithmic trading or professional charting tools.

Conclusion of INVXO Review

INVXO stands out for its commitment to simplicity and educational support, catering well to newcomers and those at intermediate trading levels. The trading environment is designed to be as transparent and accessible as possible, which is a significant advantage for those just starting. However, the lack of regulatory oversight could be a stumbling block for some, as it raises questions about fund security and compliance.

For traders whose priorities include strict regulation or who need advanced trading conditions like those offered by ECN brokers, INVXO might not be the best fit. In such cases, it would be advisable to consider brokers like Interactive Brokers or Admiral Markets, as they offer robust regulatory frameworks and specialized trading accounts that might better meet these needs.

Overall, while INVXO offers a solid trading platform with commendable features for new and intermediate traders, potential users should weigh the absence of regulation against their personal risk tolerance and trading objectives.


Main Take away of this review: Addressing Regulatory Concerns with INVXO

One of the most critical aspects of choosing a forex broker is understanding the regulatory environment in which the broker operates. INVXO operates without formal regulatory oversight, which presents a significant consideration for potential traders. The absence of a regulatory body overseeing operations means there is no formal assurance that INVXO adheres to the industry standards set to protect traders. This lack of oversight could potentially expose traders to various risks, including:

  • Fund Security: Regulatory bodies often enforce strict guidelines on how brokers should handle client funds, typically requiring that they be held in segregated accounts to protect them from being used for operational expenses or accessed unlawfully. Without these safeguards, the security of funds cannot be guaranteed.
  • Dispute Resolution: In the event of disputes, regulated brokers are usually subject to a legal framework that provides a clear recourse for clients. This framework helps ensure that disputes are resolved fairly and transparently. With INVXO, traders might find fewer options for recourse in the event of a dispute, leading to potential complications in recovering funds or resolving issues.
  • Market Integrity: Regulatory authorities enforce policies that ensure transparency and fairness, preventing manipulation and fraud. Trading with an unregulated broker means these protections might be absent, affecting market integrity and the overall trading experience.

Despite these concerns, INVXO attempts to mitigate the risks associated with the lack of formal regulation by adopting various security measures, such as advanced encryption and comprehensive KYC processes. These measures are designed to protect client information and enhance the platform’s overall security. Moreover, INVXO commits to transparency in its operations, offering detailed information about its trading practices and the inherent risks.

However, traders must weigh these efforts against the potential risks of operating without regulatory oversight. It is crucial for traders, especially novices, to understand these risks fully and consider whether INVXO’s self-imposed safeguards align with their personal risk tolerance and trading goals. For those requiring the reassurance that comes with regulatory oversight, considering brokers regulated by reputable financial authorities might be advisable.



What types of trading accounts does INVXO offer?

INVXO offers a variety of account types tailored to different trader needs, including Starter, Advanced, Expert, and VIP accounts. Each level increases in feature complexity and potential cost savings on spreads and commissions, designed to suit everyone from beginners to experienced traders.

Do any financial authorities regulate INVXO?

No, INVXO does not hold a license with any recognized financial regulatory body. This means they operate without the oversight typically seen with regulated entities, which could be a consideration for risk-averse traders.

Can I trade cryptocurrencies with INVXO?

Yes, INVXO offers trading in several popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, among others. This is part of their commitment to providing a wide range of tradable assets.

What platforms can I use to trade with INVXO?

INVXO primarily offers its proprietary WebTrader platform, which is designed for ease of use and accessibility from both desktop and mobile devices.

How does INVXO ensure the security of my funds?

INVXO uses segregated accounts to separate client funds from company funds, providing an extra layer of security. However, they do not offer additional insurance, which some regulated brokers provide.

What are the fees for trading with INVXO?

INVXO charges fees mainly through spreads and occasional commissions depending on the asset being traded. They strive for transparency in their fee structure to avoid hidden costs.

How can I deposit funds into my INVXO trading account?

INVXO accepts various funding methods, including bank wire transfers, credit/debit cards, online payment systems, and cryptocurrency transfers. This range ensures that traders can choose the most convenient option for them.

What kind of customer support does INVXO provide?

INVXO provides customer support 24/5 through multiple channels, including email, phone, and live chat directly accessible from the trading platform. This ensures traders can get assistance during trading hours.

How can I withdraw my profits from INVXO?

Withdrawals can be made using the same methods as deposits. The process is straightforward and detailed on their platform, with instructions in the user dashboard.

Can I trade gold and other precious metals with INVXO?

Yes, INVXO offers trading on various precious metals, including gold and silver. These can be traded as commodities on the WebTrader platform, providing opportunities for portfolio diversification.


Review Methodology

When conducting the review of INVXO, our approach was grounded in an unbiased and thorough examination to ensure that potential users receive a transparent and detailed perspective of the brokerage. Here’s a breakdown of our review methodology:

  1. Platform Testing: We tested the INVXO trading platforms to evaluate their user-friendliness, reliability, and the variety of trading tools available. This hands-on experience allows us to provide first-hand insights into how well the platforms perform in real trading conditions.
  2. Feature Analysis: We scrutinized INVXO’s different account types, trading instruments, and additional features. Each feature was evaluated based on its relevance to different types of traders, from novices to experts.
  3. Security Verification: Given the lack of regulatory oversight, we strongly emphasised the security measures INVXO employs. This included assessing their fund protection strategies, the robustness of their trading infrastructure, and the transparency of their operations.
  4. Customer Service Evaluation: We interacted with INVXO’s customer support to gauge their team’s responsiveness, knowledge, and helpfulness. This involved posing various inquiries typical of both prospective and existing traders.
  5. Fee Structure Transparency: We analyzed INVXO’s fee structure, looking for hidden charges and comparing their costs with industry standards. This helps traders understand the potential costs associated with trading on the platform.
  6. Comparative Analysis: INVXO was compared against other brokers in the market based on several criteria, including features, security, user experience, and overall value.
  7. User Feedback: We considered feedback and reviews from existing INVXO users to incorporate a broader range of experiences. This helps highlight any recurring issues or particularly praised features.

Our methodology ensures that our review of INVXO is as informative and balanced as possible, providing a solid foundation for potential users to make an informed decision.

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Justine Glover

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Justine has held various analytical and strategic roles at leading brokerage firms and investment banks. She has been instrumental in developing complex trading strategies and economic models adopted by several top-tier financial institutions.

Justine is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), a credential awarded by the CFA Institute. This credential is recognized globally and attests to her investment management and ethics expertise. Her profound insights into market dynamics and trading strategies have been featured in major financial publications, including Forbes and Bloomberg.

A regular contributor to financial seminars and webinars, Justine has authored numerous articles and white papers on currency trading and risk management, published in acclaimed financial journals and online platforms. She serves as a committee member of the National Association of Forex Traders, further highlighting her involvement and recognition in the financial community.

In addition to her professional endeavours, Justine is committed to fostering financial literacy and shares her knowledge through guest lectures at universities and mentoring programs for aspiring traders.

Justine combines her deep analytical skills with practical trading experience to guide traders in making informed decisions, empowering them with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate complex markets.

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