UTELIMITED Broker Review

UTELIMITED broker review
Trading Conditions 1.7
Trading experience 3
Trading Tools 2.9
Safety and secure 1.3
Customer support 1.5
Fees and commissions 2.1
UTELIMITED Broker Review

We recommend that you immediately cut off such dubious projects as UTELIMITED. Learning from your mistakes is good, but it's better not to make them at all. To do this, carefully study reviews and information about brokers and cooperate only with companies with real licensing and confirmed official regulators.

UTELIMITED Broker Review

The UTELIMITED brokerage project is one of the most striking examples of another scammer who aims to defraud money from naïve citizens. Under the colourful description of the advantages of cooperation, there is a banal scam. There are several reasons to believe that interacting with this bookmaker will only lead you to lose a tidy sum of money with no possibility of return.

Signs of a fraudulent UTELIMITED project

When you visit the official website of the UTELIMITED broker, at first glance, you get the impression that this is a reliable company. The organization is captivated by interesting terms of cooperation, favourable tariffs, and long development history. The following factors indicate the fraudulent nature of the project:

  • Lack of any information about the licensing and financial regulation of the project in any country in the world;
  • inflated potential profitability – with a minimum deposit of $20, the broker offers unrealistic profits, which no officially operating company can guarantee;
  • lack of real addresses for communication – except for e-mail, the broker does not provide a phone number or other channels for obtaining technical support;
  • The company’s lack of a physical address where it can be found raises doubts.

The UTELIMITED scam project was created in August 2023 to deceive gullible people. The company has a fictitious development history and a quickly put-together website with minimal investment. It is not aimed at mutually beneficial cooperation and does not offer effective ways to withdraw funds – money can only be deposited but not received back.

UTELIMITED broker review

UTELIMITED broker review

What does the broker sell?

Ultimate Trading Experience

We all want to provide the opportunity to trade Binary Options in the most reliable, accessible and easy way possible.

  • Minimum deposit of $6 ₽500
  • Technical support 24/7
  • Ability to trade without verification
  • Fast withdrawal of funds from $20 ₽2000
A start

UTELIMITED start – August 20, 2023. Use all the features of Our trading platform to achieve maximum results!


Trade classic options with returns up to 95%, choose the desired profit, use auto trading and use protection from -1 pip.


We do not block user accounts for auto trading, overrunning deposits or other standard trading methods that do not violate the platform’s rules.

Reviews about the broker UTELIMITED

Many negative reviews on the network evidence that the UTELIMITED brokerage project is a scam. The organization is only a few months after its creation and has already collected many indignant comments. Still, it is impossible to find real positive reviews.


Users note that the so-called brokers are very polite at first and describe the benefits of cooperation. But as soon as a large deposit is made on their account, they begin to put spokes in the wheels and make the client start making losses. You can’t count on the withdrawal of earnings, and in response to complaints, scammers block such a user and evaporate.

It is impossible to contact fraudsters in any way, and the lack of licensing does not allow you to file a complaint with the police. In most situations, you will lose money without the possibility of a refund and get a lesson – you should not contact dubious offices on the Internet.



We recommend that you immediately cut off such dubious projects as UTELIMITED. Learning from your mistakes is good, but it’s better not to make them at all. To do this, carefully study reviews and information about brokers and cooperate only with companies with real licensing and confirmed official regulators.

Trying to make a lot of money with minimal work is often a fairy tale with which scammers try to lure naïve people into a “game”. It is better to cooperate with official projects and earn small amounts, but steadily, than to take a risk and lose everything. The UTELIMITED project is a scam and your sure way to losses. Please don’t waste a second of your precious time on them or give them a single dollar you earn.

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